Gender slide… back to female and I hate it because I’m just an anxious mess. I hate the dysphoria of being male but I feel better about almost everything else when I am :(


Anonymous asked:
Do you know what may cause a physical representation of something that is blocking the host and several alters from getting back into the headspace?

Can be stress, anxiety or a load of other mental stuff. Or somethin happenin inside (or outside). A load of stuff can make it happen but depends in your system.


Anonymous asked:
What's it like having DID? Do you and your alters ever like idk interact? Do you guys get along?
penpalfriendjamie replied:

I don’t have DID, I’m just this weird singlet that somehow ended up in the DID community and now I’m forever trapped by all of these wonderful people xD

I shall forward this question to sprite—wings ^^

Honestly? It’s just normal fer us, we don’t know any other way to be. So what’s it like? It’s just life. Yea it’s hard n confusin n sometimes ya don’t get to see the outside world fer hours, days, months or even years at a time. It’s kinda weird I guess fer people who don’t have DID but fer us we actually find it totally weird to think of what life would be without it.

We can talk! Not all of us have communication with some people but there’s some who have an all-access pass I guess. Most of us have our groups of friends or relationships or whatever n we all have people we’re not super fond of or anythin.

It’s like a class full of people I guess. Some people don’t talk, some coz they can’t and others coz they don’t wanna. Some just say hey when they pass each other. Some talk when they have a meeting or need to work together on somethin. Some hang out in cliques. Some are popular among the others. Some aren’t well liked. So there’s a ton of communication but it varies dependin who you’re askin bout.

Not all of us get on but we usually just avoid the ones we don’t like or whatever.


Anonymous asked:
Are you friends with Jamie IRL? :)
poisonand replied:

I am indeed, I was with him not too long ago at his house and he’s coming to see us again this week I think ~~~

YAS we are totally excited to see him again. He’s a dork IRL tho

phoenixrising2013 asked:
If i met you irl i'd prob squee... but be super shy after that o.o depending who were out. Oh and prob alter roulette :p

Aw haha. Yep alter roulette would def happen.

Would be cool tho prolly. Lotta fun.


Anonymous asked:
if i met you irl i would ask very nicely if i may hug you and then with your permission would super hug you :3


Come here n hug me damn it!